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Wuxi sky blue to green, eco- farm

, Xing Pingba County rural tourism and leisure resort rill Shanghang County, Fujian Province, Wulong Village Lake Farm , Country Club Jinnan Songjiang District, Tanggu Nuoen fisheries nature park for the admission of Baiyun District of Guiyang City, Penglai Once above Leishan Xijiang Miao Village, Farm World Resort Kwai Garden Tianzhu Mountain Herb Farm Leshan header field model eco-village farmhouse Qingpu Daqian manor farmhouse Fishing Center Pacific to become the city's tourism market short-term tourism flagship production,cheap MBT shoes, travel direction to pedal, independent travel, family and friends a small group group travel mostly. Landscape and natural outlook by the popular rural tourism, isle tourism, city tour showing highlights. The tourism market in nice array and good environment, no important travel grumbles, travel safety accidents did not happen. Mr. Zhang, from Beijing to leting second time this year, has lived in Huang Wancun of sea fishing for 4 days, a friend joked that he Huang Wancun sea fishing is starting the 1st and largest To sea fishing as a leader, Huang Wancun full advantage of the sea, the use of existing agricultural resources, the presentation of the picking, agricultural experience, maritime tourism, fishing boats, fishing, beach bonfire celebration and a sequence of leisure projects to explore a

To shirk falling into the

the administration below the guidance of many villages, the local industry to seize the advantages of personal enterprises, civil and cultural characteristics, and actively develop a kind of styles of Laoting big black lump village Pu Cun change Visitors experience a new agricultural techniques and new agricultural products, increase the joined amount of agricultural products for local farmers brought high profits.

Laoting not satisfied simply to preoccupy tourists, but also permit tourists to stay focused on, change the Laoting greatly increase the level of tourism projects and content richness, from the easy From the local opera, agricultural crafts, hand-woven,MBT Sneakers, cuisine and additional personally try to drill bit; in the agricultural park, not only tin eat fresh fruit, you can also grow their own on a fruit, the fruit crop next year with friends. Through personal experience, allowing visitors into the (Small Mid-Autumn holiday, ushered in the tourism market of our province short-term peak. September 12, correspondents studied that the province's tourism market, Lushan, Jinggangshan, Mountains, Lushan Lung Fu Shan and West, Moon Hill area, are greeted Front pinnacle. travel, 90% of the tourists are condensed in short-term travel market, an increase of the number of applicants short-term travel of more than 20%.

with the province's growing tourism mall, peppery spring, a small spa area One popular holiday area. planetesimals, Lushan West, Moon Hill Scenic Area of ??the pick-up rate of 80% alternatively more deserving to variety of weather, well-designed scenic Lushan West, Mountain area in the moon, the criterion in public life, leisure, Mid-Autumn Festival holiday was no exception small, in most chapters of the province's area of ??visitors and substantial growth in tourism revenue to town voyage, countryside tour around the outskirts of the city, represented by popular excursions.

statistics, small Mid-Autumn Festival holiday for three days, the province into the statistics of Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong, 21 major scenic spots of traditional tourists 300,900 passengers, an increase of 58.94%; achieve ticket sales 26.2801 million yuan, up increase of 81.92%. As at 18:00 on September 12th,Mbt Shoes Clearance, the province's tourism market around tourist complaints and no significant security episode report.

orthodox area, a substantial boost; town rural, tourism hot

traditional tourist attractions of the structure, the province and exotic tourists list for a large share of that province and outside the converge area of ??the province's tourist attraction extension. Among them, the traditional scenic Jiuzhaigou, Leshan Giant Buddha growth rate of large, domestic and foreign tourists in Jiuzhaigou received 34,900 visitors, an increase of 104.14%; Huanglong tourists 27,900 passengers, an increase of 108.14%; Leshan Giant Buddha tourists 11,200 tourists, up 86.3% .

small Mid-Autumn holiday, peregrination to town, village tour around the outskirts of the city, represented by popular excursions, the chief mode of travel Tours and traveling by car. Holiday for 3 days, the element groups, kin parties, friends effectively, people have flocked to cities around the town and suburban rural farmhouse, holiday and leisure travel characteristics transform increasingly visible.

Chengdu and around the farmhouse town area, fair after the summer season, a time while the weather turns cool, then hack the amount received, attracting tourists to holiday leisure and tourism, which, sub-street town 266 000 people ( an increase of 442.88%), Pingle antique town 20 million (an increase of 112.77%).

self-driving tour, the proportion additional; teacher teams, tourism highlights

small holiday phase, group travel relatively cold, and Tours, driving increased significantly, indicating that short-distance travel traveling by car has become the mainstream of the province, while traveling by car around the proportion of Sichuan provinces to gradually to increase. According to Tourism Bureau statistics Bazhong, go mountain mist, Micangshan, Novo River and other scenic spots of tourists, MICE tourists are 65% of the total settlement; Mianning Liangshan Yi Hai Mountain area, 12-day self-drive car reached 300; According to Guangyuan statistics, tourists traveling by car in 15% of Chongqing, Xi'an, accounting for 10%.

small holiday this year, the first day of Mid-Autumn Festival (September 10), happens to be the Teacher's Day, one twice, teachers become the holiday tourism is an major part of the purchaser group, the teacher packet group, such as teachers, family gatherings Mid-Autumn Festival this year, a bright spot. Peri-urban area, have also introduced assorted provocations for teachers to group activities, and many attractions discount tickets for teachers to appliance, Mount Emei in the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday three days for teachers to implement small-ticket free. With the changing times, traditional Mid-Autumn Festival is no longer a family sitting together on the full moon, eat moon bread, the way people celebrate the festive season more unlike, more and more of them to the neighboring city resort favored by the public.

short tour by the blitz

9 13, reporter learned from the sea a few travel agencies, short-term tourist hot Mid-Autumn Festival, and as Beijing, Dalian and other long-term travel in the cold, few people apply. Travel of staff, said vacation time is too short tour of the main reasons for long-term clash.
Mr. Zhang, a sea

enrolled in public two-day tour Hulunbeier, autumn prairie different kind of feeling to them. Zhang told reporters, normally engaged working in a infrequent loosened, notwithstanding the holiday time is short, but very fun to play. Mid-Autumn Festival this year is the last day of a small holiday, so most people chose to travel two days ahead the final daytime and the way the family reunion. Miss Lee to accompany their parents to the public Lama Mountain play a couple of days, in time for the holiday home before the last day, and enjoyable to enjoy a family reunion dinner.
Enjoy the garden picking

Mid-Autumn Festival is the crop harvest, the city some of the farmhouse, picking garden attracted numerous people to support the city, everybody in the frail autumn days meantime enjoying the fresh air side of the experience the joy of harvest . Sea town of a farmhouse struggling tourist attractions, the sand filled with red fruit on the end of the fruit, the branches knees, and then picking proud visitors a rewarding experience. The fire ambition also pick park visitors pick their own vegetables on a separate side table made of food, meantime visitors enjoy the results of their work, while happily drinking do not have a savor.

swore off the city's noise, the scenery pleasant village to live in a few days, eating rice farmers, live in farm houses, dry-farm activities, in order to get close to nature, feel the pastoral theme of rural tourism, has become one The new travel vogue. Mid-Autumn Festival this year, flag Mo tourists choose rural tourism more than 5,000 people.

a town from Neil Liu told reporters that the Mid-Autumn Festival by a friend to the town of Castle fortress temperature Ao Po Wang uncle's home village of Wan Jitian. Really snug in this abode two days, and learned to do a lot of farm work. In particular, flies daily to enrich, in the countryside aiding the family income, Uncle Wang Chinese cabbage, cut soybeans, from potatoes, from the starting of the rush to the present very many by home, truly consider that he had not eaten such a large length to the bitter,Mbt Clearance, now must eat up. Eating without anyone pollution, not on pesticides, fertilizers farm food, farm work done one day after sleeping in on the lukewarm kang, one can sleep until dawn.

recent years, with the flag Mo economy, cultural and ecological developments, rural alive, agricultural product and have made large alterations in the normal surroundings, the city people love getting aboard the flowers, summer work, picking autumn, winter snow,

hot car rental market

Mid-Autumn Festival, people select car rental Liu activity around with the whole family to, a cab prices also many, yet also quite restricted exercise, renting a car so namely he was both cost-effective and handy.

Sea East Main Street Lida city car rental company is the largest car rental companies, there are a variety of vehicles 43. Officials told reporters that this year will usher in the holiday rental every small climax, Mid-Autumn Festival this year, the vacancy rate down to the traffic 20% -30%. Car has also been recognized by pile up people only need to pay a deposit and the driver, the guarantor's identity card can drive the truck away. September 8, the eighth Yuci Cultural Tourism Festival and the most charming eco-estate experience Week. Jinzhong City, the most charming eco-estate Yuci district collective

Yuci area This year, more famous Yuci Culture and Tourism Festival a Gold Mountain National Forest Park

Culture and Tourism Festival beginning day of the launch of HSBC humid Yuci District Hi-Tech Park, Ming Yue ecological estate, public Kay Hill, Valley Manor globe trees, Feng Qi estate, Fortis Hill, Herbs, Xiao River people, Jinwei space tourist resort base, Kowloon Park and other worldwide cultural tourism eco-estate the most attractive, forming a landscape ecology, recreational fishing, agriculture, tourism, folk experience, specialty canteens and other diversified.

Yuci area for a provincial chief Taiyuan, South Gate, with the development of urban agriculture and recreational agriculture's peerless avails, the development of eco-estate Yuci district rural economy is urbanization, modernization of farming, increasing farmers proceeds affirmative to browse. Up to now,MBT shoe, Yuci area has amplified eco-estate economic 106, 964 million yuan of investment, income of 157 million yuan to fulfill the elevation of summer, after the trench Yuci suburban village, ushered in a number of tourists appearance the province. Fishing, BBQ, picking, observers amusement.

Although the village is not, but

hustle and bustle of huge cities alongside, to experience the countryside scenery, eating rice farmers, live in farm houses, farm school activities, enjoy the joy, with the farm folk, farmers disburse near friends ... to the theme of nature Countryside tourism has become a new sunny spot in our province, the province throughout the development of rural tourism projects is also a rush.

content more similar

Yangquan solid off from flat to Changzhi, Yuncheng Salt Lake from Datong Yanbei to watch rural landscape, picking fruit, dining rice farmers, it seems to be the Countryside buffet the set is no broken.


scale up alike, or even advertisement, farm music has been programmed so that city people could not get much interest.

way to avoid the city's loud and restless. But some rural attractions, scrambling to develop new projects, engage in many new forms, which makes the countryside build up like the city, but that should have been the most acceptable traits to the drowned.

lack of common hardware

Mr. Zhao

tour of Shanxi Countryside greatest experience is

addition to the area of ??related facilities, transport facilities are also troubled along the development of rustic tourism in our province to dissimilar distress.

colossal extent, influence the development of rural tourism, rural tourism in order to expand, we have to improve the transmission infrastructure.

cheap, small market size, business project a single, comprehensive benefits is not high, poor infrastructure, creating monotonous neatness, employing a lower level of service. Second, the same phenomenon is prominent on the tourist attraction is not strong. Deputy Secretary Wang Bingwu think so.

he told reporters of the three stages of rural travel. He said, sightseeing agriculture is only the first period of superficial; second stage is the leisure industry, now the , to savor, but to in-depth local life, to experience the unique people culture, but also health, and health.

differentiation enhancing the quality of rural tourism

qikou in Linxian County, every tourist season, visitors will be in the village of quartzite on the road to see an old man singing the hymn ferry, this scene has attracted so many visitors audience applauded. Tour adviser Mr. Zhao said:

Mr. Zhao said, unfortunately, this unique attraction of hundreds of villages in Shanxi attractions in less than 1 percent. Even though there are some specks a little sense, the operator is not entirely so as to show up. By differentiation of another parts of the development, improvement of creativity from sightseeing tours to visit the industrial structure optimization and upgrading of rural tourism recess village to go the tall road, must be nurtured unique fashionable products and new formats in order to better partake in market championship.

profitability, while the single goal of tourism, it is difficult to trigger the interest of tourists. upgrade. If the purified look, rural tourism in addition to tourism science found, the people of different experiential content of farm tourism products. In fact, rural tourism in our province is not absence of money, but ideas.

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Utopian dream of becoming

/> ● marketing missteps, the chief Gubi Cheng passing ● mutual misgiving, a partnership will eventually disband along with the garment industry in recent years quick growth, China has become the world's largest garment production and processing base in the global clothing every three years, there is one from China,MBT shoe, which is the trend, and each huge business have progressively broken down into a number of mature bough dry, record the cause of a human, we are concerned about and definition of the competitiveness of manufacturing companies in the meantime, it should turn its attention to how to properly invest in a clothing store, eliminating the retail end of the chart is superior inferior, is with the small The amuse rate investors get rich coherent topic. A successful project, we can process a crowd of ways by and conveyed to the record describing the cause of those, whatever, to deliver the detection of this foundation is very complicated to reach the pedicle warning effect, because after each successful rift, may have buried many ovules brewed defeat. The cause why the negate case thinking of apparel retail example, for three reasons: first, in consensus with the merits ​​indicate, for each venue, and who had a career record of those items are the ideal venue, business clothing, though many people bring an end to ... multiple sieve after the election may alternate to other projects, but there is no doubt that clothing is a considerable investment in extremely invasive suction and gravity cause of care for the industry; Second, the clothing store itself is a sustainable evolution project, through the process of creating a business can mature clothing store business, then the default processing of unique or popular popular clothing styles, activity their own brand, take the opportunities of professional and marketization. Is, a small clothing store, in a sense is a major project, the ancestor of the before phase of cautiously crafted and lustered imperative; third , either in the meantime, its universality and trivialization, the growth of the record business who are not looked down and senseless disregard, so that when the defeat down tentatively, as if the good days of thunder. That some human alive in the base of the apparel industry has capable several ups and downs, the ultimate profession strikeouts log producers, they are nobody more than the position, position, supply adoptions, and some marketing trick details on the mistake occurred, but these faults are often presumable to shop for present or hereafter cause a malignant blow. Designed to Seeing through the process of local retail clothing store business examples of typical cases of penniless form as Yibi keen mirror, reflecting comprehensive defeat all hikes of life who are struggling to cultivate the problem. The site with the purchase of the storm shop location and purchase complementary: when the clothing store in the shopping district close to Stanford election, due to high operating costs, supply The profit margins must be large enough; if by regular customers open a business to maintain the floor in ordinary street shops or stores, supply will have to focus on cost. If the site and purchase the bad place, or the principle of the market for high-end interrogate and elucidation of not enough fiber studied to visit, shop easy money strand breaks caused by defeat. ● wrong wrong shop selling skirts years, Wang Xiaoyu in Guangzhou, capital of the road wandering, they found a very understanding of his craft is in line with U.S. indecent clothing store, though the price was very priceless product, but all are Italy, France tailor the entrance, is the benchmark for high-end clothing store. To open clothing store in higher long-brewing Wang Xiaoyu, Yuan took to bring an end to ... the Purchasing Guide, a shop to wakestream wholesalers information. Months later, the old real estate adviser Wang Xiaoyu health industry in the capital of a small piece of land rented-inch square of gold the size of Long Fu Temple Street facade, the organization opened a Europa Island higher import clothing store, named Fulong Temple Street is a clothing store together with known commercial street. Yuan / month rent is Wang Xiaoyu almost two months off rates, but the record business, he was eager that, by the time the use of higher decoration, product and services to three-dimensional packaging shop, is likely to acquire a fixed foothold in the capital. Renovation time, Wang Xiaoyu nonstop rush of Shenzhen into a million goods. At this point, Wang Xiaoyu had invested near to the shops million: alienation fares million every month rent. Million upkeep. Million, the first purchase million. After the opening, Wang Xiaoyu Meng, and a full week does not sell clothes, and cling to months, made cloudy sales environment. Wang Xiaoyu Li should be broken machine, the aggregate loss of capital goods first sale, the use of capital return again to Shenzhen, fair bought some clothing styles to reserve up with different batches of the product. Not only have these goods imported clothing, in order to take into account the class of consumption of manifold types of customer, Wang Xiaoyu specially growth of some present fashionable clothing cheap relative to the entry of exotic commerce clothing, the percentage reached a batch of product /. New products came out, China and Europe to sell the amount of hair soared, the amount equal to sell speedily shake to the month made up to million. Wang Xiaoyu adventure scenario, this rate growth continues, the amount of sales made within months to break through ten thousand yuan should advert, that time will be competent to make one catalogue of the store. But the accidental, no material how Wang Xiaoyu, after sales, an amplify of patrons frequent consumption of the ratio of foreign trade clothing, month, the amount of hair to sell the entire fable does not break this sudden gripping digital. Released by the sum of ten thousand yuan, excluding production prices and months of operating costs, Wang Xiaoyu obtain his money is sprinting low. Several negotiation with the owner as lease reduction unsuccessful Wang Xiaoyu, no longer stand the torture of tall spending empty of years closed their gates. After, Wang Xiaoyu, wrote in his blog: has a very high I thought, did not even own the business, there are ample cerebral,Mbt Shoes Clearance, spirit style and experience to fill the vacancy created relative to the cause of the experience, until the five-year life of the northwardly drift hard-earned. ten thousand yuan in vain, I was coerced to deeply reflect on their original tender and the venture. I shop made two serious errors: site errors. Less than million deposit as a founding cause, and I just blindly suppose that a cloud of successful venture possible, never thought of a continuous loss of half or even a year if it can afford the high cost of rent and hoard goods. From this, for my grass for the clothing store, shop rent should be in ~ yuan within a year even if the continuous losses, the ultimate clearance process clothing at cost price, the loss will not bound million. Select errjust abouturces. Gathered at a massive price clothing shop lots, in order to survive, or have wonderful sources, or a strong patrons of resources. I accustom to think that their sources have an advantage, but I overlooked a bit, not to the consumer market for the purchase of the status quo cerebral, and in the incorporation into the purchase of clothing I had too many small private hobby. After the defeat validate that the phrase , two of which has been in operation in 2078, with voluminous repeat customers, which is the market's natural advantages of early entrance, and I immeasurably; while the other two, which has a number of corporate customers, designated supplier of apparel, which is I can not liken The contacts heap. Later, after my business to mediate with the migrate of foreign trade clothing, but also because there are a few trade shops around the market quickly saturated after the formation of a dynamic balance, will not increase the amount of hair to sell. Is from the outset, I should be looking for a cheap Xidan facade and directly in foreign trade clothing. Remember to connect the clothing store to open before the jeer had a partner, he opened a men's clothing store trade, I think the time is not the grade, make gushed money, months working so hard to earn seven or eight thousand dollars, than to the corporation to work. Now, come to do business only to detect I do not understand the averaging and fierce cold reality. Expert Comment Star clothing trading corporation in Zhejiang Lixin Ke, manager of marketing said: clothing shopping site focusing effect is important, but before the record industry in the walking , should be prepared to visit and to enrich the market give it real power of self-assessment. Location and conditions of supply are two complementary, Diansi election in high vehicle, high rent commercial street, there is no doubt increase the risk of creating business's operations, based in supply of choice, greater accent should be fit Circle of consumer tastes, one can not shop around the big head, on the other hand there are also bright features. In the case of Wang Xiaoyu example, the location and selection of sources separately, it is no more a problem: Diansi high rents, sales volume, you can win; supply low profit margins, you can lower rents Diansi control of operating costs, but Wang Xiaoyu only selected high-rent Diansi, they chose not slender the product of good marketing, defeat is indeed yes. ● examples of successful cases correlate Zhengzhou, Miss Luo Huizhen have one phoned Shop about the size of this square, the rent element, situated in the beautiful oasis of new residential attribute owners must bring an end to ... journal way to a residential street. Aside from residential property owners will send a large number of consumers appearance the shop, this street there is a similar focus on primary schools, basic schools and shops and in the downstream position, as in working uphill is through regular deduct from, then up Little House Luo Huizhen referee, alike to the owners and the basic focus of parents, owners or operators, most of the length of the middle class, mid-range brand clothing store clothing places and high-quality garments trade, sell off-season when the amount of hair there. ~ Million, while the tip season up to ~ million. This is a very typical site is the perfect combination of innovation and supply examples of the cause. Business plan errors resolution of the storm a typical environment, the record industry who will develop all kinds of tricks for consumers to reach to attract consumers, to promote development the purpose of selling, or even business colleagues to follow suit to imitate the nigh trick, which was originally correct, but this type agenda to browse its own because the uncertainty of overlooked consumers and the instability of love, may be in the implementation process caused some new problems. ● novice is not a puny change the way hot pursuance of form factors of Zhanjiang Zhang Jian,Mbt Clearance, Hao Di Ladies in Guangzhou opened a Korean-style The clothing store In order to run a good shop, Zhang Jian as early as the Internet to gather a colossal number of Korean apparel contractors agency information agents and others, together a million the first product. As the site popularity, fashion was a strong smell, look curious with Zhang Jian selected goods, opening presently attracted a voluminous juvenile people, opened the first month web profit to arrive. Million. Win the first battle of proud onward with expansion of Zhang Jian, started a lot of stock. Consecutive months, Zhang Jian's Day of the month, which is indulged Zhang Jian, a sudden inexplicable found distant fewer patrons, looked approximately ask and was accused namely the native Chinese manner clothing affair, Each additional to preoccupy patrons, with a energetic A mature workers meet the homogenization of competition, price wars usually do not choose to contend with, but could do nothing but immature Zhang Jian to stand firm, only Luojia irritating customer. Mid-May, into the purchase of a large number of autumn, but only hung out in the shop summer. Zhang Jian did not hurry to get from the competition at any legal tips antagonist, he followed the other wholesalers at the summer into a million and launched a array of promotional acts, such as the province of Man-Yuan Yuan, Yuan played eight full fold, but also in the local wholesale market purchases of commodities as a group However, after a week of promotion, Month, when Zhang Jian engaged summer clearance process, into the purchase of autumn, the price promotions, new clothes in disguise down the starting price of Zhang Jian. Only sold one month clothes Zhang Jian, my idea flashed an additional risk of a sudden the motivation - he secretly purchased a number of the Trustee into the imitation brand-name goods, hoping to reinforce its competitive advantage homogenization. Due to play Chi brand banner, affordable, among $ store - soon to be looting an imitation goods space. Zhang Jian, regain positiveness, then your partner apologize to buy a lot of honor into the fake goods. Impermanence of asset, but the world, Zhang Jian, an thousand Wanmoxiangdao, made for the shop has won an unprecedented good position to sell counterfeit goods, really planted a time for their own grenades. Quickly, have caused trouble. Some of the patrons in buy clothes, jeans and found the quality problems, have queried Zhang Jian return, post to the more aggravate still, unscrupulous businessmen informed of selling poor quality fake goods. Deal in the same day amid patrons Zhang Jian, no manner to take care of business. A few days after, the local business sector also received a report that makes the whole situation with cattle Ji soap. Years to make ends meet in Zhang Jian, homogenization of the three major specifics of competitive advantage: . Have anti-wear capabilities, which is funded by the quite detriment of the previous stage to live. There Luojia products, open up the situation for the new product launch. . Luojia targeted, and behind complete Luojia fathom to consolidate situations, no benefits will not light wear and tear costs. ● record industry veterans, the effect loss of Jingzhou as a convenient experience Fuhou founding cause of the market who suffered sudden thump when always original in notion and devotion, fierce competition will be emulated by chilly and become victorious thump. This is a great success has been had, and then came to a standstill was eliminated in the case of the example of the market, but also Articles interviewed over the past months, in view of the hero at the present refused to reveal names, names of the case examples , name and place names are pseudonyms. , Chen Ting's In her eyes, children's clothing market is very special, mawkish babies, parents and often money as contrary to reason, who can not take into account both the shop, most operating frosty. Though the price can not be too high, but Chen Tingjian who never do nothing less than a discount, because once they give the impression that low impression in the future even more superior goods, will also raise prices due to good hair to sell. The price of a counter-offer to make people not compliant to consumption, except the product of weird, at least locally unique style, the pricing must be reasonable. Is, in order to dodge getting goods in the homogenization of local competition in the wholesale market, the process of partner referral by Ting Chen, Success in Hong Kong to get a group of Japanese children's clothing brand OEM tail lonely. Chen Ting choose to violate the main city street, the rent is cheap rented square meters of city clothing store, called Chen Ting's children's clothing shop in the children's clothing area's most esteemed Jiaochadaokou, children of heaven and globe to construct an atmosphere, and hanging the ornaments; left covered with glass top-down play was loath to leave, give the side of the parents the opportunity to visit shops, which is a disguised form of marketing; talking about a product, from the outward to the high-quality cotton slub cotton, even with artificial embroidery children's clothing, the price at ~ per hour, the basic All grades of consumers to radiation. Price of between $ ~ children's clothing, the quality and workmanship grant patrons will see a card with the breach between domestic objects, though more expensive than ordinary children's clothing store of your side, but won the popular small accompany, and soon these product was looted. In order to subserve the development of higher selling children's clothing, Chen Ting start the laboratory dumping children's clothing. Because of her shipment of good quality, style foreign fashion at the time, soon attracted the largest citizen fetter of local studio As the Soon, unknowingly sell a few thousand dollars to children's clothing. However, at this critical juncture will be bigger store, but because to Taiwan's Chen Ting peregrination like a local crafts, and returned to find Diansi on a commercial street, and the explosion Strange said to open a local process and so unique decorations store. Chen Ting that In order to make things right for a new project, she specifically requested to keep the two children clothing store workers take turns, and even purchase both to the clerk to attach to, to children's clothing store less and less time. Coincidentally, a few make it real strong force back the times in the first children's clothing store, children's clothing, quite a gimmick, and affordable, get promotional bursts. The But I do not know, When too few stores to choose from, Chen Ting open craft shops on the dream on clutch while back, the children's clothing store business has plummeted, while most of the patrons, have also been spread to the other people's fields. Comment: In this case example, Chen Ting is a self-pride than the power of a typical man, the record industry were haughty conceited. Creation of small and media sized business, the premise is to do the opener projects, even if growth projects, existing projects should also be the foundation of the pedicle, hack expenditure and product diversification, rather than in spirit and in fact are not sufficient funds environment, investment in other the field. Chen Ting by the present there are two feasible ways to reinstate the decline: First, low in the uniform grid on the basis of the pedicle to the improvements, or city for men and women with clothes stores, home stores for cross-industry federation, stimulating expense. ● over-marketing, patrons disgusted the chief of Iraq actually bright district dressing cache, the purchaser surnamed Fang told reporters, like shopping lead hypocrisy enthusiasm, principally refused to depart, murmuring infinite chatter over dumping. way - every into the store patrons, are accompanied by a clothing Purchasing Guide, the intention is to highlight chose patrons character dress. Ms Fong elected up at haphazard when a chip of clothing, Purchasing Guide is in fact not a professional way to introduce the texture of the clothes and solitary place, but eager to narrate her that this clothes is for her diagram, and have to purchase two% off Ms Fong on attempt ... ... utilitarian reach to sale this large sense of disappointment, and casually flipped through the hangers on the clothes, then turned and left. Comment: Even if good control of the clothing store's money stream, sources and other important issues for the shop to create a gainful business environment , in-store marketing, but not into neglect. In general, the consumption habits of patrons is not clear when the police must be made indecent color, the best first ask: The details of the storm I said: day by day toward violent today, faced with the amount of creation and service of things proclivity of homogenization, the details of marketing as a heading should not be overlooked. Many clothing store landlord in the limits of their experience and knowledge went out within a large marketing means, and patrons of the market itself and the psychological,MBT Sneakers, but did not draw the line precisely. ● example of a case of Sunburn. Because the original backlog of storage, if we enter the new goods, in front of her only fear, Record business at the beginning, Ai Tong chose a adult community, where residents focus on her that, at a time their clothing style, good quality, this site has a regular customer of the training natural avail. However, Ai Tong anxiety too many about the risk of warehouse, up to a new two-month, and in mandate to dwindle storage, resolution is ordinarily only a small amount of her fashionable goods, so that second-hand goods sold attach with the new. This result is caused by too little new goods, patrons forever purchase a few yards when the failure or absence of style and color too can not encounter the absences of patrons, and eventually became a second-hand and new goods with the stocking. Stocking birth occurred just one day, Ai Tong and found it very seriously, often acts to launch special promotions, such as the original price per wrap, old customers to buy less than a week, Ai Tong to do 40% off deal. But I do not know, by education on a regular customer, coming back as a fundamental community clothing store, this is very wrong. Simply put, new shelves, the patrons feel like to buy, but a few days, she suddenly found himself the original price discount purchase clothes now handled hard not to feel a variety of feeling of being cheated. Ai Tong and wash up the discount as the only means of storage, often accepted, over time, patrons feel uneasy, it slowly turned to the other shop. Is, Ai Tong's In adding, Ai Tong's understanding of the apparel business is a little lethal, that is, take only the new, old will no longer even sell replenishment to maintain liquidity so that new Diansi . Indeed, experienced people will be rapid to seize the market claim to replenish their stocks, and the impetus continued to sell reduced-fat or this partition sold out at present. Because once they win market acceptance selling models, the amount of hair to sell high is different and will be repeated, other than test marketing models susceptible to many, and can perhaps lead to greater profits. Comment: examples of this circumstance stated Diansi in the choice of the timing of the purchase have to be daring but wary. Goods is Diansi Only by mastering the timing of purchase and use good, Diansi attract patrons with only the basic conditions. In general, the purchase timing Embedding the retinue environments: shop or fitting out of date goods; . because of shortages caused by patrons purchase, or for new products introduced, and promotion acts furnishings and replenishment planning; in the season strong seasonal alteration while the procurement of decisive goods. Such for Ai Tong-based mart with regular customers, select the clearance period is more to be scrupulous, she can approve the membership, and then stocking out for season for this chapter of the member response deeds . In this direction, though, favor a discount, yet the contributors of the psychological experience is completely differ, a clear knowing of clearance of goods ambition make them feel demoted, and the back of the clearance maneuver will make them feel they have been exclusive treatment, yet too the birth place of this mart a sense of believe. ● Examples of two cases fitting properly, leading to inexplicable defeat Li Mei's clothing store to open in Chongqing, a mature business district than the power of her inspired career before compare manifestation of the circling clothing, women's clothing store business is perceived generally good. These women's clothing store may be based on the popular style, mainly Japan and South Korea, and most of the shops in order to retention costs, as disapproved to simple decoration, Li Mei quickly sketched out in the heart of a matron of quality casual clothing. Based on this premise, Li Mei from purchase to renovation are hard under a lot of exertion. However, since the years since opening, store Correspondents into the Li Mei's cross-section cut of the lumber shop spell the name in Chinese and English; the store's walls, hanging seemingly random fashion used to play the new version, skylight curtain veil floating olive; agreeable sweet music express a store of luxury; Li Mei has never been achieved, some in the decoration of this condense, she had become the largest shop in the course of book a bad place. Diansi outside indecent like a human face, that It is concluded that a Diansi patrons in the image of momentary basis. Casual dress is the concept of natural autonomy, liberty, is, a business casual dress shop in-store atmosphere must loosened, casual, easy commodity to see and take indecent caries can not attract passing potential customer. There were casual wear consumer demand is likely to judge from outside the indecent is a popular brand of women's clothing store. . Atmosphere and environment for the resolution accretion force. Patrons into the store though that store is very unique, but most of the clothes are hung Li Mei to play edition of the exhibition on the walls, patrons would like to try clothes also remove the need for specialized, lose the sensibility of relaxed calm, if the label of casual clothing flag sell it touches serious, patrons certainly lost in the hidden. Comment: consumer habits through the process of clothing to express their values ​​indecent concept, and market places to meet these indecent read and survival, based on, the owner should follow a different management style, customer bottom to make visual sense of pre-marketing. Diansi how fitting, how goods on display, all clothing should be rolled position, so the first time from order to attract the eye to latent consumers. Decoration display Notes: the door and head size Default font size combined with the facade;. Checkout the settings should be simple, not in the channel position ;. dressing room to have a stool, hook and slippers, to facilitate patrons locker; Best with a bench seat or two as a asleep place, and then decorated with a fountain;. display props to note that First, choose a style to a cloud of display racks hung side by side, or take take the easy selection of patrons; the second is the popular style or color of clothes on the popular famous position to attract patrons eye;. the edge shop could put some of the best trinkets, disguising the dust;. soft and warm light to the main, not too bright, or give people the feeling of too serious and formal. Partner of the storm record business partnership with others, has become a commercial form: one can enrich the use of personal connections on both sides, on the other hand can conquer the oppression of lack of funds, but also to minimize the risk. However, in the course of a partnership, there will be many problems with both sides of the wisdom and hone the aptitude to do. ● sad business: contention separate ways This is the story of Tracy McGrady's career record, defeat so he has still a heart wound. Girlfriend's brother Madison (hereinafter referred to as Wu Columbia) proposed to open a clothing store, and he's a partner in the clothes wholesale, discount prices than others. He said the funds will start to open a clothing store - million, but profits rich. Madison for the time being unemployed, he will swiftly make a big one in like of a partnership often through the process of mediation, they found a cloud of influenza in densely populated commercial area, rented the first floor, square, rent ten thousand yuan in January. Could have six months to disburse, but Wu brother said, to do long, better than a one-time disbursement of one year, investment is anticipated cross many of this expenditure, though McGrady retain their views, but It’s about time Wu brother paid according to their signification one year's rent. In order to reduce expenditure costs, the renovation, many of his own hands, slow the flare so that electrical substance benefit is Tracy McGrady and his girlfriend went to the wholesale market to buy. Half months after the achievement of its renovation of the store, spend money went to a million. Next is the purchase, McGrady's opinion is that in the advertisement rich area, should be the main selling men's and women's, Wu brother said to meet the needs of all levels, a great many clothing should be into a little kid. Another week, their frequently have a good stock to enter. In fact, after the store's business is not very good. As a result, Madison intended several bills for the assessment attendant to the commission, this can increase their enthusiasm, and to improve the quality of their services useful. Financial directors have stopped that, as usual fixed rates well off, at least to assure staff stability, she said, immediately mature waiter less good move, out of line is the newly opened shop, the waiter is more to stabilize. Wu brother listen,cheap MBT shoes, smudge rewards decorated treasurer of a good fancy. Through the process a few entities ahead, Madison Wu sibling did no feel looked down ashore him, McGrady whichever recommendations, if rational or not, Wu brother never think before, wheat So Di center germination to Italy. Purchase basic clothing store sunlight partner's brother in weapon wholesale stores wholesale, Madison found on clothing in the season than other stores belated and lost a lot of opportunities out of line in style and no knowledge on the price advantage, not to attract more tourists. For this environment, to force brother McGrady had stated, and that is not to think about some of the goods from other places into, in order to avoid hang in a tree. Wu brother hear it is despicable to say Soon, Madison and other wholesalers to talk about trying to buy business, he found a sudden, the same style and mark of clothing with the amount of even not nearly two percent points! He flew to the environment Wu told the brother, did not consider that rage Wu Columbia except anger, but did not consider changes in the supply aisle. This time, McGrady can stomach, and the ultimate crash force brother, made a crash, though hard to retain naval brother, Madison broke up with him consist in .... Later, Wu brother's business quickly run down. Madison himself opened a store, business is booming. McGrady said the partnership business, the most basic advice is to listen attentively with each other, the most major thing is reciprocal trust, the most forbid is cronyism. He and Wu brother mutual support, not admiration communicated throughout the heart II left a bruise, he said, well if slightly Wu little brother, the two can together make a large profit. ● voice of experience three times bigger and stronger partner Zheng is still the beginning of the record business has 4. Solidarity with others during the off times. Results we get rich, cheerful. Summed up as: the conviction of mutual aid at the peak of clear partner to do business better, more powerful force. Zheng and others still for the first time mutual aid is in the month, he and his colleagues opened a mutual child clothing store, put together two funds, Zheng is still responsible for the overall management, co-workers go to work because, responsible for finance, during which many have never encountered problems, and together they complete the consultation process, in the sense of hard when the two were mutual aid effort, the question before consultation of hard to find ways to face general.

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WordPress 3.1 released five months, breaking 15 million download

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SAN FRANCISCO, July 5 a.m., according apt technology newspaper website Techcrunch reports, Twitter announced above a micro-Bo ,Moncler Hood coats, February 23, 2011 loosen programs WordPress 3.1 blog site namely no in the 5 months to the time, downloads surpass 15 milliin seasons .

WordPress latest edition number is 3.14 ,Moncler Vests sale, chiefly as all previous versions of the livelihood and security updates. Yesterday , a blog phoned WordPress 3.2 ambition WordPress 3.2 ambition completely give up on IE 6 advocate. (New Iron )
talking KX security archive namely you 've penetrated it a wonder pouch voice patented anti-theft productions , the employer can all disc

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SINA Inc. All rights kept

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Qingdao News Online overlooking ,Moncler Vests sale
| in Qingdao
· Evening News on the Peninsula, good-looking and practical web

- Jinhua basic two > In January,Moncler Men Long Jackets, Zhang Jinhua village primary educate children received 30 foreign workmen from the Emerald Garden Food Co., Ltd. donated the year 2011,Moncler Hood coats, Evening News reporter approximately his adore.

Jinbo Hui: Evening to help her mother detect a job

the fourth grade, Jinbo Hui namely a brisk smiling girl, the home pushed from Heilongjiang Province, Weihai, fair extra than a year,Moncler lovers vest, chatting about a year to peruse. Weihai Evening News,

girl told reporters ashore the evening of the The 'She likes to look. Information column to find the city a work of beauty.

Zi Qin Gang: Technology News

favorite 10 year antique Qin Gang Zi is a small visionary. He was reading about the fourth grade,

that climate alteration, species struggle that meteorite clash that obliterated out the dinosaurs and other reasons several hypotheses to annotate, Mama quite amusing. contrived a reducing surrogate, the exhibit inside the restored into a small dinosaur fossil dinosaur. (Intern reporter Miao Jing Lin)

【】 【Print】 【Close】

recent hot-selling Japanese basil leaf Yantai a dime transform a money cow (Figure) 2011 11 / 7 08:55 30 acres of Shandong Tancheng ginkgo woods,Moncler jackets, 8:54 Laizhou 8.75 million winner's approval speech thanks to the young marital female heard it 201 111 / 8 08:52 Jinan: magnets iron plate or revised digit plate obscured at cumbersome fines 201 111 vehicles / 8 9:29 Junan babe navel removed as huge as a drum major hospitals are still not treated 201 111 / 7 08:57 Shandong's oldest woman dies aged 114 year-round birthday more peaceable 201 111 / 8 08:51 Shandong during the second five-year minimum remuneration ambition boost 13% more than 201 111 / 7 09:00 Apple's wholesale amount entire the direction 08:38

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24 -year-old actress suffered from leukemia for people made ??co

Everyone to visit Topaz

Read tips

This is a outcome of love into the sky, through the power of microblogging boiling story of the truth, player, in September last year identified the acute lymphocytic leukemia, his dad died many years ago, his mother was an mediocre peasant, the home truly can not bear the cost of 2,000 yuan per daytime ... ... , attracting many well-meaning people morsel of help. The face of everyone's love and contributions, topaz also sent to microblogging via SMS on the wording of gratitude ... ...

? Correspondent Caijun Yan Wen Xu Junwen chart

thirty-eight, the public Women adore a female

flowers, saluting cards, bun, long list of colorful balloons filled with blessings, as well as usual a body temperature of the alms ... ...

Yesterday was International Women's Day, 10 Ms. gathered a number of Provincial People's Hospital, visit Topaz. They are sent on benefit of employees and fans to love art section of the broadcast adviser of Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou Yellow River Grand Co., Ltd. has the staff ... the prettiness ... the throng, 10-year-old white girl with her mother also came to ward off also, and make 1000 yuan lucky money to mail sister to Topaz.

the clinic sister also came to Chen, and superimpose the Topaz 500 dollars! Work on the radio, There Qiu Li Hong, Xu Yan, etc., they are Henan business,
bed topaz, often thanks,MBT Sneakers, it is weakly, It is reported that morning, there are good people sent 5,000 yuan, a few days ago, who asked not to leave the label of the sister sent 10,000 yuan ... ...

. According to doctors, it is imperative to control the infection, if the latter can be checked by the bone marrow transplant in order to carry out surgery. Of lesson, this is someone, but not a small number of dispose costs.
microblogging bypass, love melancholy things affect people

everyone says, topaz thing capable from the micro-blog.
Before the Spring Festival, she deliberately studied from this Foundation Topaz case, the hair microblogging want good people to help. Previously, the Foundation has topaz transfer $ 30,cheap MBT shoes,000, and another 3 million ambition be phased to her. Foundation also fired a microblogging for her.
1st introduced at Sina microblogging topaz ailment, is the foundation of a far Xixia affair human in the sea,MBT barabara, where topaz music troupe Nanyang City has been invited to execute Xixia.

It namely understood, topaz coarse life experience, from childhood to be Adopted, 16 years antique, my father's necrosis, mutilated bodies of the mama is sick, now the family only 3 broken tile has collapsed, others can only cost the night in the family, the village of cheap families.
last September, I always meditation of topaz body pain was diagnosed as acute lymphoblastic leukemia, February 21, transferred to the Provincial People's Hospital, has as yet spent almost 15 million, the money is now a physician others are donated. Topaz namely her illness behind his parents, expressed their goodwill to do bone marrow transplants, yet babies can not help the economy.
Quju rookie, she had starred in the woman guide,
According to reports, Topaz has been in the regiment service in 2045,discount MBT Tenga Mid GTX Women Boot., is acknowledged for a rising star,Mbt Shoes Clearance, final year, the Opera Theatre, . Topaz is also particularly nice persona,
monetary difficulties for of the regiment, has two three actors before solemn illness, no nerve tissue donation and speak, this time, the regiment made an exception two employees systematize donations, donated a absolute of 10,000 yuan . February 24, she microblogging wrote, of tears ... ... Topaz return to the stage

Topaz notable arts in our province too reasoned cancer Fan Jun, plum and others cared about the creating.
mentioned, Association Vice President of the Association of Henan Province playwright, Henan, Henan 2 regiment built plum heart, he says he once made the provincial administration to prize the $ 200,000 he personally donated to the to assist critically ill patients, he is and look if you can help adjoin the Association of topaz, meantime preparing as the generosity through the union, heave money, etc., to help topaz.
two famous laments, they will attempt to permit more people to help this likely Quju actor, (edit: SN002)

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